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Boulder Convention and Visitor Bureau

Local and Regional Transportation

         Includes information on ground transportation to and from the airport, public transportation, and taxi companies.


Public Transportation highlights:  


The Regional Transportation District (RTD)

for transportation within Boulder and to and from other cities, including Denver)

The nearest stop on the Denver - Boulder bus (Frequent Flyer) is 'Broadway & Euclid.'

Boulder's Community Transit Network (CTN) also provides bus service for Boulder with the easy-to-ride HOP, SKIP, JUMP and other routes.


The HOP's circuit, in particular, is a very useful shuttle-like service for visitors traveling to popular locations, including the Hyatt Place Hotel (near Pearl and 30th), the University of Colorado campus, and the Pearl Street Mall. 

Cost is $2.60 per trip. The drver cannot give change.

The HOP arrives at clearly marked stops every 7-15 minutes, depending on season and time of day. Ask to be dropped off at Norlin Library (the nearest official stops are "Colorado" and "Euclid."

If you take the HOP in the "wrong" direction, don't worry.  It keeps looping.  Worse-case scenario: your trip will take a little longer.

For more information, visit the City of Boulder's website.

Local Taxi Company

zTrip Boulder

Call (303) myzTrip

Or go to zTrip Boulder to get download link sent to your phone

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